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I Love Lemon Oil



I received product in exchange for an honest review.

I have just discovered essential oils, and I’m beginning to see their benefits. I read quite a bit about the medicinal properties of essential oil, and I do think some folks are going a bit overboard when they use them in place of, say, doctors and modern medicine. But during this horrible cold season, I was given the chance to review a bottle of Majestic Pure Lemon Oil, and I am amazed at all it can do thus far.

My sinuses are clogged pretty much from the beginning of winter until the end of spring. I find lemon oil to be a really nice way to help open the airways. I just rub a bit on my chest and behind the ears. I will say it’s no substitute for menthol, but if you’re in a jam, it really does come in handy.

Lemon oil is also amazing for adding a great scent to your cleaning routine! My absolute FAVORITE use for lemon oil is to remove the stench from the sink when running the garbage disposal.

Here’s a demonstration:

Use lemon oil to make your sink smell great while disposing of stinky food. #Tomoson

A video posted by @bellesouthblogs on

So you no longer have to use a fresh lemon, fake lemon-scented items or other things to run through the disposal and get rid of the stench of old leftovers. This is cold-pressed from lemon rind and packs the same punch a real lemon would.

I am sad to say that one suggested use I found to fail was using lemon oil in place of lemon juice in recipes. I even followed an online recipe for lemonade, and it was just awful. The lemon oil doesn’t really mix with water, you know, because it’s oil, so if you want to make your own lemonade, I’d recommend staying away from the lemon oil for now.

But this is definitely an item you will want to keep in your household! You can get it from Amazon here!

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