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Low-fat pumpkin muffins with Musselman’s!

I was given product by Musselman’s for this post. 

Oh, ’tis the season for lots and lots of good food that is so tempting to kids and adults alike – good thing Musselman’s is on hand! Now, I’d heard about switching out the oil for apple sauce in baking recipes, but 1) I’d never tried it, and 2) I thought you could only substitute a portion of the oil. Guess what – you can swap out all the oil in a recipe for muffins, cakes, and even brownies for Musselman’s apple sauce and you will STILL get a tasty item that is still just as moist and tastes amazing!

Since it’s fall, I decided just to get a standard Pumpkin muffin mix and swap out the oil for unsweetened Musselman’s apple sauce.


It’s very easy to mix, even though the consistency of the apple sauce is different. And once you have the batter ready, it looks just like the kind to which you’re accustomed.


This is a muffin tin that has definitely been loved! I remember my mom using this when I was just a kid.


I was so amazed that these muffins were SO TASTY when they came out of the oven! My mom really loved them – which I think is great, since she is diabetic, is on dialysis, and needs to have healthier options that are easier for the body to process. Applesauce is also just a great thing to have around, especially at snacktime for diabetics, as it doesn’t have much of an impact on blood sugar levels and is also extremely filling.


These muffins are great – whether for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or to put in your kid’s lunchbox. You can also add muffins, or even swap the egg for milled flax.


Think about all the fat that has been replaced with the goodness of apple sauce! I substituted 1/3 cup of oil! Wow!

Need some more great ideas? Check the Musselman’s Apple Sauce Swap page for a guide and recipes for making the swap this season!

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  • Dianne Messina November 3, 2014, 8:23 pm

    I like to do recipes with Musselmans apple sauce. I’ve used it in place of oil in my banana bread, cakes and pumpkin muffins.

    • Bellesouth
      November 8, 2014, 1:36 pm

      I was so impressed with how these muffins turned out. I’m going to have to make more stuff.


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