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Montel Williams needs to stop selling crap on TV

Can we just all agree to boycott Montel Williams and any crap he tries to sell on television? Not that I know anyone who has purchased any products he’s endorsed, but I do think a concerted effort is in order.

Williams annoyed me enough when he tried to sell us those “commemorative” Obama coins that ended up being regular coins with stickers on them. This was a very sleazy form of advertising – especially considering that for years infomercials have been used to prey on the poor. Everything about Montel’s involvement in this scam was just – just pure evil.

I’m probably the last person on earth to see this commercial for a $200 blender that Montel Williams is trying to get us to buy.

I’m not even going to post the commercial for the Snuggie-like “Toasty Wrap.”

Apparently after his show was canceled last year, Montel signed up with some company to use his name to sell a bunch of crap products on late-night informercials that could easily be confused with talk shows.

This really isn’t new. Celebrities who are in need of funds will put their name on all kinds of crap. Heck, the late Ed McMahon readily gave his endorsement to a sweepstakes that convinced retirees that they had to subscribe to magazines to win $10 million. I place ads and write sponsored posts on my blog. We all gotta pay the bills somehow.

But when I see a previously-trusted spokesman like Montel Williams sell snake oil to people in the form of worthless coins and $200 blenders, I get a bit annoyed.

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