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Tame your bedhead (and his, too!) with Motions Salon Haircare products

2012-10-23 17.45.55

I have curly hair. With that comes the everyday risk that I’m going to step outside the house, and my hair will look like Cotton Candy by the time I get to my car.

Also, because my hair is curly, I really don’t need to wash it more than every other day. Curly hair is more susceptible to frizz and split ends, and shampoos can be abrasive.

So sometimes I wake up and instead of washing my hair, I just put it up in a ponytail. Why? Because if I don’t, my hair typically looks like this all day:

No, I swear this isn’t a mugshot! This is how my  hair looks when I get up and take it out of its ponytail.

I was excited to get to try Motions Radiating Gloss for my hair. Now, I’ve tried other “serum” products for my hair, but typically the ones you get at the drugstore as opposed to the salon have ingredients that can be more damaging to your hair as not. If your hair is curly and susceptible to frizz, remember this ingredient: dimethicone. It is in salon-quality products and it gets that frizz out without drying your hair. Dimethicone is one of these ingredients in Motions Radiating Gloss, which you can buy just by taking a trip to Walmart or your local drugstore! The prices are also much, much lower than the salon prices.

So here I am, post-treatment with Motions Radiating gloss. All I did was put a bit in the palm of my hand, rubbed my hands together and ran it through my hair. No other styling products were used; just Motions and my hands.

See? Just a few minutes and a little light makeup and you’ve gone from Ready for TMZ to Ready For The World.

My boyfriend also has thick, wavy hair that is also susceptible to frizz. I noticed he regularly keeps Pomade at his side, so I let him use the Motions Shine-Enhancing Pomade.

Unlike me, Jeff wet his hair before I took his “before” photo, so curly-headed men and women, just imagine what Jeff’s hair would look like if it air-dried in this condition, and THEN he went outside.

And here he is after using the Pomade. Such a clean-cut boy; the kind who would make any mother proud:

Oh, he’s so cute. And might I add how SOFT and touchable it made his hair! That benefits us both!

One thing to note: These products may take the frizzies out, but they don’t provide any hold. So you may want to consider finishing off with a quality hairspray if you want your hair to stay in place.

You can find the line of Motions products in the ethnic hair care section of your drugstore or your store’s pharmacy section. While I was provided these products by Motions, I was very surprised to find the Radiating Gloss and Shinie-Enhancing Pomade in the (very limited) hair care section of my local Walmart Neighborhood Market. You can find it at online drugstores as well.

I enjoy the benefits of products from brands like Motions as a member of One Media Squared. All opinions are my own.

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