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Must-haves for caregivers: The Santamedical Digital Blood Pressure Monitor



As a caregiver, I sometimes have to monitor many vitals and other conditions if my mother gets extremely sick, so I’m really glad I was given the opportunity to receive the Santamedical Digital Blood Pressure Monitor in exchange for an honest review.

As the caregiver of a dialysis patient, it’s extremely important – especially in the winter, when sickness and weather conditions may prohibit mom from making her dialysis appointment. I have to be on the ball and constantly checking her conditions. And when I have to call an ambulance, it greatly helps dispatch, the paramedics and Emergency Room staff to know exactly what her levels are up to the time I arrive.

Blood pressure is extremely important for the dialysis patient to monitor. A drop in blood pressure is the most common problem for dialysis patients when significant amounts of fluid are removed. Your blood pressure levels can be the difference between being eligible for treatment or not – and blood pressure should be checked at home if the patient is experiencing dizziness or nausea (the symptoms of low blood pressure).

The Santamedical Digital Blood Pressure Monitor came to the rescue over the weekend when Mom was experiencing loss of fluids and dehydration. I checked her levels, and while they weren’t extremely low, they caused enough concern in me to immediately give her a frozen electrolyte pop to supply her with electrolytes to rehydrate her and get her levels back to normal. After a good night’s sleep, she was much better the next day and was able to attend her dialysis appointment.


To use the monitor, you simply wrap it around your wrist so the screen is facing palm-up. Sit near a level surface, put your elbow down and raise your arm to the level of your heart. Press the “on” button, you’ll feel the slight squeeze of the monitor’s cuff, and you’ll get your readings within a few seconds.

The Santamedical Digital Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a user’s manual, as well as a chart that shows you how to interpret your readings.

I’m very proud of my blood pressure, which has been optimal for as long as I’ve been around. Let’s hope it stays that way!

When you’re done with your monitor, you can put it in an included storage container that can easily go with all your other medical supplies.


The Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor can be purchased here from Amazon. Whether you are a caregiver, a patient, or someone who just wants to keep track of your health, this is a great product to have around!

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  • Sherri March 17, 2015, 7:24 pm

    thank you for this review. I haven’t been pleased with the blood pressure monitor I have and want to replace but didnt want to get another dud.


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