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New Facebook Cause: Drug Testing for Welfare recipients!!!

Facebook users are at it again! From the folks that brought you “LYNCH OBAMA” and Holocaust: A Series of Lies we now have the hottest trending Facebook group, Making Drug Tests Required To Get Welfare.
You know this group is REALLY going to get something done because the person who maintains it is really hoping people sign an internet petition. Because as we all know, internet petitions totally work and stuff.
About a gazillion people have left brilliant comments, like, “I have to take a drug test to get a job, they should have to take a drug test to not have a job!!!! YEAAAH!” There are also stories from people who see people “cashing their welfare checks” at the casino/liquor store/local whorehouse. (Does any state even dole out checks anymore?)
And as I’m sure you can guess right now, this is the kinda thing that makes me get very angry and sarcastic and start belting out fake arguments like “Drug testing should be required for enrollment in public schools!” to prove my point.
Some states already require drug testing for some government aid. Last year ten states, including my own, were considering requiring drug testing to receive benefits. In Arkansas, HB 1281 would require drug testing of all programs through the Department of Human Services. It’s in committee.
Yes, drugs are bad m’kay? I have worked with the kids of drug addicts. Without going into too much, I just wish their parents could shape up.
But here’s the fallacy. Drug testing is expensive. Also, if someone who is receiving DHS benefits – including food stamps, WIC and Medicaid – is using drugs and has children – those children are at a loss as to where to eat.
Here’s the other fallacy. Recipients would include children AND senior citizens. So you’re going to be paying to drug test people in nurseries and nursing homes just to find the few people who may be abusing the system. How much would this cost?
A very poorly thought-out idea. And actually a stupid idea. There’s a reason government aid was created: Kids used to get SCURVY. Kids used to WORK in FACTORIES. We used to have NO child labor laws. And people were VERY unsure whether they were going to have income when they retired.
So basically you want to set a castle on fire to kill a few rats. Spend a lot of money with no real recovery in the end.
People need to think critically. And take civics lessons. And stop pulling out statistics from their nether regions.

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