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The New Gig

I’ve spent two days working the new gig. I did something I liked – helping to promote events in my city – and I did so from the comfort of the living room futon while streaming old TV episodes on my netbook and while Sebastian nestled by me to sleep.

This is where I feel most comfortable working – doing something I enjoy doing. Not having to deal with BS office politics or Human Resources or things like that. I’m called up when I’m needed. I enjoy doing this. And the more of a return on investment I create, the more things might look up for me in public relations and other venues.

It feels good. I don’t care to disclose who I’m working for; although those close to me know more about what I’m doing. But all I know is I’ve enjoyed it – and last week, when combining the new gig with my tutoring job – I was able to make so much that the ole folks at the Unemployment office actually gave me less than my weekly benefit amount.

Which is a GOOD thing because it means i’m actually making what I’m supposed to be making. And it means those unemployment benefits are stashed away for a rainy day.
Now, if only in Washington they could get this whole insurance mess worked out. At this point I really don’t care about a public option.

All I want is to be insured through the rest of the year. Increase the months you can stay on cobra from 18 to 24 or 32 or something. I don’t even care about paying the 65% more than I’ve had to because of the stimulus. I just want to keep my insurance and as long as I’m uninsurable for any new policy I wanna hang on to this one.

But the good thing is, I feel like I’ve been relaunched. I’m not yet where I want to be – but I’m definitely going somewhere.

Much love.

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