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Overcoming the fear of fireworks with Dog Treats Made in USA! #NudgesMoments #cbias #shop

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We’re coming up on Independence Day here – did you know the 4th of July is the No. 1 day of the year for dogs to run away? It’s not surprising – with all the popping, cracking, shooting and high-pitched sounds, it’s enough to make our sensitive-eared pooches run in terror. So, before you start getting out the firecrackers, let me show you a way you can prepare your dog for the big bangs, using a new product called Nudges chicken jerky for dogs – healthy dog treats for your special pooch.


First, let me take you back to a bit of history. Have you heard of Ivan Pavlov? He was the famous Russian psychologist who did a groundbreaking experiment on dogs in the early half of the 20th century. He would ring a bell while subsequently presenting dogs with food. He discovered that after enough of what we now call classical conditioning, the bell would trigger the dog’s salivary glands.

What does this mean for you as a pet parent? It means that whenever your dog is anxious – whether it be from fireworks, the doorbell ringing or the sound your keys make when you grab them to leave the house – you can turn that around so your dog associates those sounds with positive things. Now, Sebastitan has already been trained to handle the sounds of fireworks and storms. But I’ll show you some demonstrative photos of what you can do, as well as proof that this method does work.


First of all, Nudges Dog Treats are slightly perforated so you can easily break them up into smaller pieces. These treats are also chewy and stinky (which dogs LOVE!) This makes it very easy to gradually feed your dog something while playing the sound of fireworks in the background.

You can easily find these sound effects by going to Youtube and searching for “Fireworks Sounds.” You’ll find tons of stuff to play with lots of scary fireworks noises.

Play the sounds through your speakers or your phone, turn ’em up as loudly as possible, and while doing this, feed your dog the treats. Here are some examples.

PicMonkey Collage

He LOVES these treats!!!

And now, let me prove to you that Sebastian is totally chill when it comes to the fireworks.

This is the ideal way you want your dog to be while the firecrackers are making noise. Not freaking out, not yipping, and definitely not running away from your home!! You always want to give your dog the sense of peace in your home, that when he is there, he will be loved, cared for, and rewarded with tasty things to eat!

This is Sebastian, lying down, listening to fireworks, and letting me pet him. It’s a dog’s life.


Check out the summer edition of the new digital magazine, Live SoFab, for more great summer tips, including some from Nudges on how to get your pooch through the Dog Days of Summer!

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