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One million pairs and the Warby Parker Glasses Home Try-On


This is a sponsored post for Warby Parker. This post includes affiliate links, and I will make a commission if you make a purchase after clicking them.

Warby Parker does a lot more than just selling eyewear and letting its customers try it on at home for a few days. For every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Consider it like TOM’s for eyeglasses.

As someone who has had poor eyesight for most of her life, I cannot imagine what it must be to be unable to have eyewear. There are parts of the world where too many cannot afford eyeglasses. But thanks to customers, Warby Parker announced on June 25 that they had reached One million pairs distributed. Check out this short and beautiful video.

Truly amazing. But I’m here to talk about another of Warby Parker’s benefits: The Warby Parker Home Try-On Program.


This is unlike any other online prescription eyeglasses service I’ve seen. You get to choose five frames from the Warby Parker collection, Warby Parker will ship those frames to you with a return shipping label, and gives you five days to try them on. You can show visitors, take selfies and share them on your social networks with the hashtag #WarbyHomeTryOn, and get feedback from your friends and from Warby Parker Customer Service. Here’s my experience.

Let’s check out what I call the Ingrid Michaelson Glasses. They’re actually called the Marshall in Rum Cherry.


I know big glasses are apparently the thing again, but these just seemed too enormous. and they made me want to put on my hipstery knit cap from college.

But alas, I did find a pair of big frames that I liked. Check out the Lyle in Plum Marblewood.


Was it the frames, or the face I made? I’m going with the frames. I think they’re a lot of fun, even for being so big and round (I’m typically a fan of the rectangular frames).

On we go to the Sexy Librarian glasses (real name Sibley in Catalina Blue.


When I posted this image on Facebook, my friends were all “I love these the best!” And then I showed them the face-forward angle.


Suddenly, these were not a face favorite.

And now, I try on – yet again – cat eyeglasses. I cannot wear cat-eyes. Some people can wear them and totally rock ’em. When I put them on, I look like the mean Mom from pretty much every 1980’s music video you’ve ever seen. These are the Holcomb in Marbled Sandstone.


And now the final pair – it’s an old standby, but I think it goes nicely with my face. It’s also a different color from the red frames I’ve worn as a signature item for nearly ten years.  These are the Nedwin in Summer Green.


They’re a bit more round than I’m used to, but I still loved them, and they are great for summer!

Glasses typically start at around $90, but keep in mind that you are getting a pair for someone who needs one as well. With the cost of designer frames in the hundreds, I am amazed at how they manage to distribute these glasses across the globe and still keep production costs balanced.

Tomorrow, I’m putting the return shipping label on this Try-On box and taking it to my nearest post office so that someone else can try them on. Maybe you?

If you’re an online publisher and would like to promote the Home Try-On yourself, Join the Warby Parker affiliate program and you can earn $20 just for experiencing and writing about the Warby Parker Try-On Program!

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