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Little Passports Fundraising for Your School!

**This is a guest post for Little Passports. The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

Planning a fundraiser at your child’s school? Little Passports is the perfect partner, with an award-winning educational product that kids and parents love.

Here’s how it works: your school’s community shops at Little Passports and they will donate 15% back to your school. It is that easy! They do all the work from processing orders directly on their site to providing you with flyers and sample promotional language to help you spread the word. Get more information here: The fundraising period is from April 1st – April 8th 2015 and the deadline to sign-up is March 25th 2015 so check it out today!


I was given product in exchange for an honest review.


Another day, another external battery charger! This time it is one that should definitely be on your list because it’s sleek, small and very simple to use. It’s the Power Theory Credit Card-Sized External Battery Charger, and I love it.

The best thing about this charger is that it is SO SKINNY! Seriously, it’s about as thick as three credit cards with the same measurements. And instead of being accompanied by bulky power cables, it’s got one that comes right out of the charger and can easily be tucked back in. It also has an Apple Lightning cable adapter inside so you can use it to charge your iOS device.

To charge it, you’ll need access to a USB port, as well as a USB to micro USB cable. it takes about 3-4 hours to charge, and makes for a decent charge time on your device. This is the minimalist’s battery charger! I would seriously recommend this for any trip where you need to pack light. I can see this being used for trips abroad where it’s best to keep your belongings as close to you as possible. It can fit very easily in a travel wallet that can be tucked under your shirt.

Also great if you just want a bit less clutter in your life. I feel my home is where device cables go to die, so I am always looking for ways to minimize cord use!

This is perfect – not to mention cute and very efficient. For right now the item is unavailable on Amazon, and I hope it makes a comeback soon – so keep it in your wish list in case it returns!


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ProPlanPet #CollectiveBias


Dogs are known for their keen sense of smell. I swear my Sebastian can smell a courier truck from miles away because he always alerts me one minute before the doorbell rings. And if I bring him into a PetSmart, it’s like he is in Heaven!

So I was excited to take Sebastian to PetSmart to get him Purina® Pro Plan® to try out. I have to take caution when selecting food for Sebastian, as anything with corn as the first ingredient results in the two of us staying up ALL night so he can run to the yard and back. Poor baby! But the first ingredient in Purina® Pro Plan® is meat. Not meat by-product, MEAT. In this case, chicken! I’ve learned over the years that quality dog food is extremely important, and that particularly includes the ingredients.

So let’s combine Purina® Pro Plan® with a fun way to train your dog.

Training Sebastian’s nose was important to me when we were taking classes five years ago. Sebastian and I will teach you how to creatively train your dog to use his sniffer by combining three things a dog needs: 1) Food, 2) Physical Activity, and 3) Brain games!


When you introduce your dog to a new food, it’s important that he know everything from the look and location of the bag, to the sounds that are made when the food is being scooped out, to the scent of the food.


I find a fun way to entice your dog to a new food is by playing games with it. It makes for great bonding time, and he gets to do so much work just to get a meal that he will be ready for a big nap afterwards.

Here’s an easy trick you can teach your dog to do – the shell game! Once you learn it, you can gear up for a backyard Easter Egg Hunt that you and your pooch will enjoy!

For the shell game, you’ll need the following:

3 “shells,” such as small cups or easter egg halves
Quality dry dog food, such as Purina® Pro Plan®
Thin, flat cardboard (I use the back side of a frozen pizza box)

1. Put some of the dog food in one shell.
2. Carefully place the shell onto the cardboard with the two other shells. Make sure your dog sees which shell has the food.
3. Rearrange the shells, much like in a street shell game or three-card monte.4. Say, “choose!” and point to the shells. Don’t worry if he doesn’t select the right one at first! Just say “Uh-oh!” and let him continue.
5. As soon as he finds the right shell, say, “YES!” and continue to praise him as he enjoys his food!

If it all goes down well, it should look a little something like this:



With this, you can easily do an easter egg hunt. Sebastian and I have one every Easter! I fill eggs with treats and food, we go out to the yard, and he sniffs out for the eggs. as soon as he finds one, he touches it with his nose and looks at me. I always praise him with a “YES!” right before picking up the egg and putting it in his Easter basket.

And if your dog gets REALLY good at this food-detection thing, he will be able to solve a puzzle like this:



Purina Pro Plan is under each one of those pegs, and Sebastian got it all!

Video or it didn’t happen, you say? Check out Seabass in action! (Warning: Prepare for my puppy talk.)

Sebastian solves his puzzle. Purina Pro Plan is hidden under the pieces. #ProPlanPet #ad #cbias

A video posted by @bellesouthblogs on

My dog is a genius. I know yours is, too!

Visit the Purina® Pro Plan® MyPLAN website to get your dog’s MyPLAN recommendation and a rebate offer for a free bag of Purina® Pro Plan® Dry Dog Food (4-6lbs, up to $18.99.) Good only in U.S.A. A.P.O’s, F.P.O’s. Void where taxed, prohibited, restricted. Allow 6-8 weeks for shipment. LIMIT ONE REQUEST PER INDIVIDUAL, ADDRESS, or EMAIL ADDRESS. Offer expires 04/30/2015.See full terms.


Review: Miracle Coat Double-Sided Grooming Brush

I was given product for this review.

When I first got Sebastian, I knew he’d need a brush for his adorable, yet scruffy coat.10532535_10152314767293175_8046439548295183061_n

So I, like any new pet mother, went to the pet store and purchased Seabass this brush with metal bristles sticking out of it. I didn’t think about the amount of pain this brush would cause. But I soon learned that dogs don’t really care for sharp metal objects spaced out and scratching your back.

So after that, I opted for alternatives – softer brushes, as well as de-shedding tools that were more like razors. These are both still great. But the Miracle Coat Double-Sided Grooming Brush is an amazing tool because it can easily get out tangles with one side and give a nice, soft brushing with the other.

On one side of the brush, you see those metal bristles, but they have little plastic tips just like we humans have for our heads. Imagine those brushes without the tips. How horrible would your head feel? The other side has soft bristles that are great for picking up extra hair on your dog.

I was really impressed with the design of this brush – and even more impressed when I used it on Sebastian and he treated it as if it were a nice spa massage.

Another important thing to remember is that a lot of dogs (especially shelter animals) can be really anxious around grooming products. This can make for some behavior issues, whether you’re grooming your pet at home or using a professional. The soft approach of this brush is great for getting a dog accustomed to basic grooming maintenance.

I cannot recall how many products I have reviewed for MiracleCorp just this year – but they make great stuff for pets, from grooming tools to accessories to food and treats. The double-sided brush is a great product that I would absolutely recommend to my clients – even those who have dogs who may be anxious about groomers.


Review: Miracle Coat Nail Shaper for Dogs

I was given product for this review. All opinions are my own.


I don’t know if you’re one of those brave souls who can clip your dog’s toenails. I am not. I get his toenails and his hair clipped professionally. When he leaves the groomer, he comes out clean, shorn and happy as a clam, and his little claws are also short, but they are JAGGED and ROUGH.

Typically a few walks on the sidewalk will help naturally file your dog’s nails. But what if it’s cold? What if you live where there is no pavement? What if you just bought a brand-new set of sheets and you do NOT want those jagged nails ripping through them when Sparky pounces on the bed?

Enter the Miracle Coat Nail Shaper. (It sells as the Miracle Care Nail Shaper, but the actual product says “Miracle Coat,” so that’s what I’m calling it.) It’s a barrel-shaped device that fits in your hand and can be easily used to file down your dog’s nails. Just take the nail, roll around the side of the barrel until it’s the shape and texture you want, and you’re done! Some dogs who are ultra-sensitive may not like this, but it is definitely less scary to a dog than clippers or a drill.

Now, you have seen those pedicure devices for dogs that are basically the same as a manicurist’s drill. Sure, they may look easy enough on TV, but I have no knowledge of any pet parent who has successfully used one of those things. I know if I put that running drill in front of Sebastian that he would hide as fast as he could! This is much better.

I don’t recommend using this in place of clipping. If you try to do that, you will end up doing a LOT of filing. And neither you nor your dog have time for that. But it is a great tool to use post-grooming to keep your pooch’s nails smooth!

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