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The Popovers vs. Muffins Controversy

A few days ago I posted this photo to Facebook of the popovers my mom made. Immediately people were wondering, “Are these muffins?” “Are those the things with fruit filling?” “What are they? They look like muffins. You are crazy, you must be some crazy person who calls these popovers.”

The popover is a type of muffin, but is quite different. First of all, muffins are a quick bread. Popovers typically take about 40 minutes to bake. Popovers are also egg-based. They’re called “Popovers” because they are so dense that as they bake, they literally pop over outside the tin.

Popovers are typically made in a popover pan, which is kind of like a deep muffin tin, only the cups are connected by racks instead of the tin being one giant metal pan with dents in it.

Popovers are delicious. The closest pastry I could compare them to would be a sopapilla. They are bready, eggy, slightly-salty and delightful with honey or jam. or just by themselves. I wouldn’t recommend eating them more than once a month since they could be potentially life-threatening (and addictive!)

We used the recipe that comes with the Chicago Metallic Gourmetware Nonstick 6-Cup Popover Pan. I would share it if it were in the public domain, but alas. Nonetheless, the pan is excellent, easy to clean and makes some delicious, lovely popovers that will melt. in. your. mouth.  When’s the last time a muffin did that?


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