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Review: I’m showing a little leg to show you Sculptz Shaping Tights!

I don’t go around showing my leg for just any reason. But I just tried on these Chevron Sculptz Shaping Tights – and, well, when I explain to you my history of hatred for hosiery, maybe you’ll know why I was so eager to tell you about these.

I’ve ALWAYS loathed pantyhose. Tights, stockings, even those little footies you try on at the shoe store… they just seemed so weak, so easy to rip and most importantly, excruciatingly obnoxious to put on.

Now, I’m positive you’ve believed otherwise until now, but I am not a stick figure. Plus-sized women and tights have never really been a good mix. I did my tenure, lying on the edge of the bed to roll up thin hosiery, wearing tons and tons of body power to prevent painful thigh friction, and just cursing the dang things at the end of the day as I ripped them off my body, rolled them up and threw them in the trash.

But then there are these. Made by Silkies, Sculptz come in sizes A-E (Sm-XXL) for every body type, are actually comfortable to wear, you can put them on without practicing up on your contortionist skills, and they are durable. Plus, they smooth everything out if you need a little help with your curves, and they have a great control-top waist that miraculously does not find itself rolling down after a while.

I love these! So cute! So comfortable! Soooo many possibilities for my wardrobe! They come in all kinds of exciting COLORS!!!!!! Blue tights! Red tights! Yellow Tights! Purple tights!!!!

Seriously, you have GOT to check out these red shaping tights. I mean, ROWR. Seriously! Also, the tights come in all KINDS of patterns. In addition to Chevron, there’s herringbone, diamond, lattice, dotted, PAISLEY… and many more!

These tights range from anywhere between $12-15. BUT! Right now, they’re having a SALE that includes select colors at 70% off or more!!! Lots of selections on sale for FIVE BUCKS. Colors include the red version of the Chevron shaping tights I showed off. And you can get these open-weave tights for $5, too! Rowr!!!

Sculptz have given me hope that maybe it is possible to make it easy to look cute.

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Sculptz shaping tights by Silkies to review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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