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Review: Re•body Saffron Hunger Chews


New Year, New You, right? That seems to be the buzz-phrase every year. At this time, lots of businesses are wanting to sell you the miracle pill that will make you leaner and meaner.

Enter Re•body Saffron Hunger Chews. They use Saffron – which has been claimed to curb hunger, combat carb cravings and on some web sites, even destroy fat cells. Sound too good to be true? Well, let’s see.

I tried out the Re•body Chews for myself. They remind me a lot of another product that a lot of bloggers are reviewing these days. Because Saffron is known to have an extremely nasty taste, the folks at Re•body have made these nice chews into an alleged “Mandarin Orange” flavor that, at first, tastes something awful, but eventually becomes palatable.

According to the literature that came with my chews, these focus on “The Science of Satiereal®, “a proprietary extract of saffron” that has been “clinically shown to assist in reducing snack cravings and feelings of hunger before meals.

To use Re•body Saffron Hunger Chews, you simply pop one into your mouth and chew it before a meal. I would chew one of these whenever I started feeling hungry and while I was preparing for or waiting on a meal. I must admit, there’s something to these chews: They did satiate my hunger for a while. I also used these during times when I wanted to snack, and I got the same results.

My weight tends to fluctuate, and since I was only given 20 chews (a ten-day’s supply), I don’t think i had enough time to determine if there was significant weight loss.

Re•body Hunger Chews sell in packages of 20 for $29.99. I think that’s quite a bit to pay for a ten-day’s supply of chews. I did some more research, and you can purchase a month’s supply of Saffron supplements for $19.99. However, the saffron supplements are taken orally and aren’t as easy to stick in a purse or a pocket as these chews.

I also have to admit that these chews are endorsed by Montel Williams, a man I’ve blogged about a few times here, particularly in disgust at his career change from social and intellectual activist to peddler of fake “Obama coins” and really, really expensive blenders. So if Montel Williams’ name is on it, I’m reluctant to recommend it.

These chews do what they say they’re going to do: They curb your appetite. They taste pretty okay once you get used to them. That’s a good thing. But is it worth the price when you can find similar products for cheaper? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

I was given product to review from Re·Body as a member of the Naturally Savvy blogger program. All opinions are my own unless attributed otherwise.

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