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Scratchin’ and survivin’, hangin’ in a chow line. Good times.

So the layoff news just keeps getting more and more sucktacular. Yesterday, the massive retail giant headquartered in my city of residence announced up to 800 layoffs at the home office.

Which means that I’ll be competing for jobs in my area with hundreds more people than I was just a couple of days ago.

It’s frightening, because the loss of these jobs will have a ripple effect on the community. This is the community that was built on this store (which I really try to refrain from naming, since I know they’re big on googling themselves and watching naysayers like hawks.)

It’s been kind of difficult for me to say anything bad about them, just because I owe them thanks for a number of opportunities I have had.

Still, I have avoided working for them and probably wouldn’t if I had the choice. They’ve had some poor business practices in the past. I’ve heard plenty of complaints from ex-employees. It’s a bittersweet relationship I have with the retailer.

Anyway, this post really isn’t about hatin’ on a store or anything. I think they’ve been pretty dang good to avoid layoffs until now, considering that everyone else has had to undergo serious overhauls. It’s just a reflection of how sad times are.

I have a lot of friends who are affected by this loss in my community, and to all of you I extend my hopes and wishes, and I know that we will pull through this.

But it’s not going to be easy.

In other news, the Senate FINALLY passed the stimulus package today after way too much bickering. Hopefully Congress can get a full vote in soon and we can start seeing some change for once.

Also, for a number of folks across the country, Angel Food Ministries orders are due this week. If you are looking for a cheap meal, I highly recommend ’em (I wrote a very detailed post about ’em here.)

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