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Sebastian reviews new Ideal Balance Dog Treats

I was given these products as a Klout influencer, and under no obligation to review or promote these products. All opinions are my own.


Santy Paws visited Sebastian early this holiday season, leaving these new Ideal Balance Dog Treats at our door in late November. These are some very basic and healthy treats, and Sebastian absolutely loves ’em!

First he tried the Soft-Baked Naturals with Beef and Sweet Potatoes.


It’s a bit misleading to put sweet potato in the flavor, since these treats have more white potato than sweet potato, according to the labeling. Still, if you look at the size, these are small and very ideal for training or for little rewards after Sebastian has come back in from doing his business.


But forget my thoughts, let’s see what Sebastian thinks.

Oh yes, he loved ’em!

A little while later we tried the Breakfast Medleys Trout and Spinach flavor.idealbalance4

Now, this has the benefits of two GREAT foods for dogs: Trout, which has Omega-3 Fatty Acids to help with your dog’s skin and coat; and spinach, which has tons of nutrients and ALSO fights coprophagia (i.e., dog-poop eating). Seabass loved to sneak around with his poop when he was still a puppy, and his vet told me to add spinach to his food. So if that’s an issue you are dealing with and your dog absolutely will not touch spinach, this is a great way to add it into his diet.


The treats are waffle-shaped and semi-soft, so even older dogs who have trouble with crunchy foods will be able to eat these. They are also STINKY. And lemme tell ya, dogs LOVE treats that stink. More than any other treat in the world, it’s always the stinky ones that grab their attention!

Let’s see what I got Sebastian to do for these healthy, stinky treats:

Sebastian tries out Ideal Balance Breakfast Medleys courtesy of @hillspet and #kloutperks !

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These treats come in a number of different flavors, and you can typically find them for around $6.99 at pet retail chains. Have your pooch give ’em a try!

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