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A showcase of anti-suffrage propaganda

It’s amazing, how far we have come and yet how far we still need to go. Check out these anti-women’s suffrage posters from the early 20th century and look how they compare to the political movements of today.

Our first poster compares women who vote to prostitutes!!! YAY!

 And here’s one about how women who vote will STOP CLEANING THE HOUSE. Oh NOOOOO!
 It reads: “A Suffragette’s Home After A Hard Day’s Work”

“DANGER! Woman’s Suffrage Would Double the Irresponsible Vote – It is a MENACE to the Home, Men’s Employment and to All Business”

I’d love a pair of these.

“Women’s Votes will Undermine the Government, Destroy the Constitution and Wreck The Nation.”

 Oooh, “The Ballot will secure a woman no right that she needs and does not possess”

“This is the house that man built. And these are a few of the women of note/who say that they want and they will have the vote/And think that they ought to have man’s support/Even although HE should have to go short,/The sly suffragette who is all on the get and wants all/in THE HOUSE that Man built.” This appears to be from the UK. Nice.

That’s your history lesson today! Now don’t forget to vote! It’s always an election year somewhere!

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  • Bellesouth
    December 6, 2011, 12:54 pm

    Some of them came true, but it didn’t result in the destruction of the fabric of society as we know it. The term is “suffrage,” not “sufferage;” the word is not rooted in the term “suffer.” Women have a lot more control over their lives now.It’s a very good thing.


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