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Revenge of the Crud/Mucus/let’s call it what it is: Snot.

Insurance Ad, Boy in BedI have been battling this thing called “crud” for nearly two weeks now. I have a vast assortment of friends across social media, and this “crud” apparently seems to be assaulting everyone to some degree.

What do I mean by “the crud?” Well, I’m talking about that illness that makes you use about 20 boxes of tissue and/or toilet paper, leaves you lethargic, and makes you hack, cough and blow out your nose some nasty things.

I’m pretty sure what Carl Sagan meant to say was, “We are all made out of snot stuff.”

I’m asthmatic, I’m allergic to just about everything, and am prone to respiratory infections. I get about three a year, and when they hit me, they hit me hard. But usually I can kick ’em in about a week. Unfortunately, this one hasn’t been so easy. If only it were like the old days:

I’m also wary of getting flu shots – because as soon as they’re available I’m usually already sick with something. I read this article that said to get a flu shot – TOO LATE, PAL – but also noted to get a lot of vitamin D.  Check it out:

“Vitamin D affects a wide range of immune functions, both innate and adaptive, that can help a person recognize and respond to both bacteria and viruses, not just the flu but many others,” said Adrian Gombart, an OSU associate professor of biochemistry and biophysics, principal investigator with the Linus Pauling Institute and international expert on vitamin D and the immune response.

I’ve started adding Vitamin D to my supplements, and I must say it’s some truly awesome stuff. However, I’m out right now and even today’s trip to the mailbox seemed like a chore. But I do have milk! And maybe if the sun comes out for a few minutes tomorrow I’ll go stand in it for a little while.

Are you coming down with The Crud? What do you do to combat it? Vitamin D? Exercise? Hibernate it all away? Blow your nose until your forehead turns blue?

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