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Skinny jeans

I hate it when I tell people I’m losing weight. Because I always get the same questions. “How did you do it?” “What plan are you on?” “Are you sure you’re doing the right thing because I read in so-and-so and doctor-so-and-so says it will do this and blah blah blooo…” “How much have you lost?” Et cetera.

So I won’t tell my blog readers I’m losing weight. Instead I’ll say I have a problem getting my jeans to stay on. Instead I’ll say that when I pull them out of the dryer I no longer have to lie down on the bed to get them zipped up. I’ll say I don’t bother with the zipper on my jeans and that the bottoms of the legs get soaked if I stand outside in the rain.

And I will say that the “skinny jeans” I bought (which are not skinny jeans by any standards set by mainstream media) still don’t fit me. They still have the same creases they had when I bought them three and a half years ago with the hope of someday wearing them. They still have the tag, they retain their dark shade, they are perfect.

And maybe some day if I keep doing whatever it is I am doing that is causing this pants-falling-off problem, that maybe some day I will get to wear those skinny jeans. And then, after reaching that goal and another goal and another goal, I can get one of those gorgeous pairs of Black Orchid Jeans.

But until then, baby steps. Cute boutique jeans, here I come again!

Okay, so maybe I want the cute clothes, too. 

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