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Smash Mouth! Smash Mouth! – and other nightmares

I’ve had an awful time sleeping lately. The prescriptions don’t work, the soothing ocean waves of Android apps aren’t helping, and that guy who tried to hypnotize me on Youtube worked once and failed the next time.

I’m trying all kinds of ways to get a good night’s sleep. But possibly the worst parts of some nights of sleep are the nightmares.

And they aren’t even really gruesome nightmares, either. Earlier this week I had a nightmare that I moved to this neglected and well-known Arkansas city I’ll call Armpit. The city stinks, has lost any hope of amenities, and its once posh shopping districts are now emptied. I live in a polar opposite of that city now, and have no desire to go back to Armpit.

Then, two nights ago, I had the recurring nightmare; the one that creeps up on me every so often. It’s the dream that I’m BACK IN COLLEGE and I have to take some crazy classes to complete my degree.

Usually these classes are something completely above my mathematical skills and have nothing to do with my Sociology degree. Classes like Calculus 55, or Advanced Topics In Quantum Mechanics. These dreams usually leave me panicking, shaking, sweating, and then when I wake up I have to remind myself that somewhere, stuffed in a closet, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and I pause for a minute and then try to calculate in my head how many days it will take for my student loan to be paid off. (So far I’ve got it down to about 36.84 million days.)

But then I saw this clip tonight, and it both made me think, “Eh, my dreams aren’t so bad.” Then I thought, “Oh, dear, what if this happens to me?”

I present to you, the worst Closet Bogeyman ever.

So, what kind of nightmares do you have? And do you have any tips on how I can get some sleep?

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  • Becky Fuentes
    February 23, 2012, 9:00 pm

    Lol, I love this! Crazy nightmares freak me out. Earlier this week I had one where a serial killer was loose in Nordstrom’s and was killing people with a frying pan. Made no sense, but it scared me anyway, lol.
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    • Bellesouth
      February 23, 2012, 9:08 pm

      Ha!!! The other night I had a dream that involved the first episode of Quantum Leap. I was really frustrated because there were different actors playing the parts, and Bill Cosby (from the 70s, he had more hair) just lunged at Scott Bakula from across the Subway. I hope I’m not dating myself by talking about this!


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