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So, what’s been on my mind?

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted here.

My New Year’s celebration ended up being pretty laid-back; spending it with a couple of friends and watching reruns of Dog The Bounty Hunter. (Interesting show, but I don’t think I’d choose to see it again.

I’ve been picking at my brain trying to think of some awesome topic to blog about, but any inspiration has just found itself out the window.

So – here’s just a few things on my mind.

• Dating. I had a date last night with a fella I met on an online dating site. Nice guy, we chatted for a few hours over coffee, the conversation flowed – but the chemistry just wasn’t there. I had an epiphany last night that I probably need to go after someone who is as outgoing and as much of a social butterfly as I am. I love going to bars! Meeting people! Seeing! Being seen! Introducing people right and left!

After my casual coffee date with online dude, I ran off to meet some friends at the bar and immediately felt in my element. Certainly there’s a happy medium out there somewhere.

• Money. The cash-only thing is still going pretty well – and it’s actually kinda nice when going to restaurants with friends. I’m also finding that I get discounts at some gas stations for using cash instead of debit. it’s kinda nice; I still highly recommend it.

• Cooking. As part of my aim to live cheaply, I got my first distribution with Angel Food Ministries a few weeks ago. It’s a ministry geared to offer really cheap and good food to those in need – and it isn’t income-based, so whether you’re a thousandaire or a jillionaire you can go in, talk to some really nice volunteers and pay 30 bucks. A couple of weeks later you go back and you get a WHOLE bunch of food. But alas, this food requires that you actually turn on a stove. So right now Angel Food is forcing me to cook my first beef roast. It’s marinating in the fridge right now. I hope it tastes all right.

• Writing. Totally gotta write more this year. Also must not be boring. Right now I feel like my life is pretty boring, though. I mean, here I am all excited about beef.

• Friends. I do need to give a shout-out to my friend Pete, an online pal I have known for three years whom I finally had the pleasure of meeting over the weekend. What a sweet guy. And i took him to one of our local yarn shops and he was TOTALLY in heaven. Heehee.

• Yarn. I still have a lot of yarn. A LOT. I imagine a lot of rugs are going to be made this year; anyone need an ugly stash rug? I’m thinking I should give out ugly stash rugs as wedding presents. Might be easier than afghans.

• Television. This week marks season premieres for Damages and Nip/Tuck. I am squealing on the inside.

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