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Space Madness

Many, many times I have referred to myself going through Space Madness. Based on the Ren and Stimpy Cartoon, Space Madness is like cabin fever – only you feel like you’re on a 36-year mission to the crab nebula, you see the same images and people day in and day out, and you start to hallucinate, thinking your bar of soap is an ice cream bar and that others covet it.

Now, while my soap may smell fruity and yummy, fortunately I haven’t mistaken it for anything other than soap. But the rest of it? Yeah, that’s pretty much me.

I used to drive everywhere for my old job. I’d head out to the edges of the county and see things and be around people. But now I’m trying to keep the gas usage to a bare minimum.

I used to take frequent out-of-town trips. But right now I’m due for a bunch of car maintenance stuff and I’m kind of worried about driving more than 30 miles away.

I’m due a vacation. Maybe a nice weekend with a bunch of friends – hanging out in bars where we use fake names and make up fake stories to get men to buy us drinks. Or going to an amusement park in a city that isn’t scorching hot at this time of year. Or really just going anywhere.

But at the same time, any time I spend away is time I don’t have the opportunity to make more money and build my business. I’ve reached my first goal in sales and now I have another goal to meet. Lots of goals await before I can officially call myself self-employed.

Fortunately I am dog-sitting later in the week. So that should, um, add a dog to my exciting life.

So that’s where I am. Ready to go on an adventure. And yet stationed in the same ole place. Trying to figure out how to make things more exciting so I don’t start eating soap.

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