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Special puppy for adoption and a $25 donation offer!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have some news: When my dog, Sebastian, and his mother were surrendered to the Poteau Valley Humane Society in November 2009, Sebastian’s mother was pregnant.
Of all the puppies in the litter, there was a special one that marked an uncanny resemblance to my own dog. This dog you see is Kris, and he is in need of a forever home. He is up for adoption at Petfinder.The staff at the PVHS think Kris “hung the moon,” and really is a very sweet boy.If he is anything like his father, he’s mild-mannered, playful and loves to cuddle up or go on a long walk.

I wish I could take him myself, but we already have enough on our hands with one puppy. Please help Sebastian’s brother find a home. He is really in need of one and the people at PVHS are well worth the drive if you are looking for a special dog. I would just hate to see a sweet boy like this slip through the cracks like so many other pooches unfortunately do.
I am so desperate to get my dog to find a home that I am offering a “finder’s fee” of sorts. If you can find someone to adopt Kris, I will donate $25 in Kris and the adopter’s name to the Humane Society nearest Kris’ new hometown. Pass this along to your friends. I am very determined because Sebastian is such a very special part of my family, and if I can help save one of his relatives it would mean the world to me. Every eight seconds, a dog or cat is euthanized in the United States. These dogs are given no second chance at homes. We must do our work to control the pet population and adopt out so many shelter babies who are ready to enter loving homes.
So pass this along to anyone you know who is interested in driving to Poteau Valley, Okla. to pick up little Kris. If you’re interested in this goal of mine please contact me on Twitter or email bellesouthblogs (at) gmail dot com.
Help this adorable pooch find a home!

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