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Spinster, defined

Oh, Urban Dictionary. Thanks for making us 30-something single ladies feel totally awesome.
User-submitted definitions include:

A woman who kept on believing in fairytale-like love stories for too long.An elderly or aging female who due to a combination of major personality flaws, undesirable personal habits, and unattractive physical appearance has never married. It is not uncommon for a spinster to have had many short term romantic relationships and to have spread her legs for many men. Females begin to enter spinster territory at the age of 35 or the first appearance of gray hair and or crow’s feet.Females often claim to be, “career oriented” or “independent” to help them come to terms with being a spinster.
1. A first name, as in cougar who likes to eyeball younger men.
2. Anyone with the name “Audrey”
3. An old woman with crust who will soon collect the cats.
4. A woman whose ovaries are becoming dehydrated and may soon fall out.“Spinster is on the prowl again….I saw her in the middle school parking lot last night”
A whoreish woman who identifies with a group of similar women based in San Francisco, CA. A spinster is usually over the age of 25, and can’t find anyone to marry them no matter how many times they try to reinvent themselves. They drink to their detriment in hopes of bringing someone home, but because word of their desperate nature has gotten out, it’s not always successful. They also like to throw around the term “boyfriend” to describe men they have just met. Tramp stamp optional.

I thought we at least got to turn men into toads or something. Come on, give us a break.

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