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A Star Is Rescued, or, My Dog’s Photo session (ZOMG Puppy pics!)

I finally scheduled The Best Dog In The World for photos with Picture People at Petco. For a first-time model, Sebastian did very well in spite of his reluctance to be too far away from me.

There are several photos I am not posting here because Sebastian has requested to keep them a secret for now. But the ones I can show you are still just as – oh, darling. He’s a star.

We got all kinds of different poses and live-action shots. I think they all do justice to him and show him to be a mostly mild-mannered pooch.

The photographer made all these crazy noises to get Sebastian to look into the camera. Sometimes it would scare him away, but as he got comfy, he really started getting into it.

We gave sebastian plenty of scenery and props to work with – including this beautiful, very presidential-looking red and blue tie that he plans to wear on job interviews.

The most trying and triumphant part of the session was getting Sebastian comfortable enough to sit in a tub. Now, my dog hates tubs. I can’t PAY him enough to get into our kiddie poool when it’s DRY and all his FAVORITE toys and TREATS are inside.

You can see here that he has his ears tucked in, which lets me know he’s nervous.. As soon as the shutter went off, Sebastian jumped outside the tub and looked at me like I’d just absolutely tortured him.

The next photo here shows Sebastian making his classic “I’m innocent” pose next to a knocked-over flower pot. “What? I wasn’t even near that. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Yeah, right. Just minutes before you started licking your chops!

This is pretty much a day in the life of Sebastian. He gets into mischief and then looks at you with these sweet puppy-mutt eyes that make you love him all over again.

And here he is, ruining a perfectly good picnic. “What? I didn’t do nothin’. I was just sitting here.”

Yeah, right, butthead.

I’m really glad that in addition to prints of the photos you DON’T see here that I purchased a CD with all the proofs on it so I could keep them forever. When the tie is right I’ll show you the rest of the photos.

Meanwhile, I’m considering becoming a Stage Dog Mom and having him try out for pet product print ads. I mean really, wouldn’t you want to buy your flea medications and dog food, or consider adopting a dog from your local shelter from this little man?

Maybe I’m a little biased.

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