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Stop supporting human trafficking, you IDIOTS

There’s nothing that pisses me off more than the human trafficking industry. Because it is such a poor country, Haiti is one of these places in which parents, desperate for money and resources, sell their own children into slavery.
So when ten missionaries – in spite of whatever good intentions they have – try to illegally traffic 33 Haitian children into the United States, you bet your boots I have a problem.
And when the legal defense given to these missionaries is found out to be connected to a sex-trafficking ring, I have an even BIGGER problem.
Jorge Puello, the asshole pictured here, was presented to these ten missionaries as a legal adviser.
These ladies probably did not seek out Mr. Puello. But this connection is just one example of the problem people enter when they put on their do-gooder hats and try to save these poor children from slavery. Even with a conversation, exchange of money or publicity, if you try to export children from another country without seeing the need to go through the proper channels, there’s about a bazillion-percent chance you are contributing to the human trafficking industry.
Puello has been connected with one of those rings that would lure young girls and women into their “business” promising modeling contracts – only to force them to pay their “debts” for being transported to another country by making them do hard labor, make counterfeit designer bags, work in restaurants or nail salons or prostitute themselves.
This industry is horrific. Most of the victims in this industry don’t live much into adulthood. Addictions, abuse and disease contribute to their diminishing lives. And I don’t care if you’re trying to do it for God or to save the children or whatever – do NOT go into some country, be an asshole, and try to pull kids out of a country like that.
27 million people live in slavery today. Stop it.

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