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Stupid ads not allowed

In my teen years, the back sections of magazines like Seventeen, YM and (the worst) ‘Teen were bombarded with advertisements for products that would ensure that adolescent ladies would have thinner waists and fuller, firmer busts – just by paying $19.95 and getting Dr. Magic’s Awesomeness Formula.

It thrilled me the day that Sassy Magazine announced that because of reader complaints, it would no longer run those ads. (I’m sure that led to its demise less than a year later. But that’s for another day.)

So if you happen not to have any adblocking software, you’ll notice that I do have advertising on my blog now. These are ads run by Google Adsense, and I have very little control over what ads are run before they do run on the page.

But I try to live my best as a person of principle, and I NEVER want to speak ill of something and then receive any advertising pennies from companies or organizations that I feel go completely against what I stand for.

Since putting ads on this site, I have seen and subsequently had to block advertisements from:

– Payday lenders
– Get-rich-quick companies
– The Church of Scientology

Probably the scariest ones were the Church of Scientology ads, since I do nothing but speak ILL of the Church and all its evil deeds. But they’re gone now.

So while I don’t apologize for running ads on my site because, hey, a lady’s gotta get paid, I want to keep ads on the site that really are content-targeted and don’t stray from the purpose and intent of Bellesouth.

In other news, I have been scanning the ‘net all over for two old ads I remember from the 80’s/early 90s teen magazine advertisements. One had some girl with a Tatum O’Neal haircut whose ribs were poking out. It said, “It feels so Good to be thin!”

Another one had a large-breasted model in a bikini lying down, and had all these arrows pointing to various parts of her body PROMISING what this magical formula could do.

Did any of you respond to those ads? Just curious.

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