Geekstravaganza: Jon Pertwee action figures, dog casinos and iPhone-friendly gloves!

Geekalerts never fails me. They have some of the coolest gadgets this week.

One of my favorites is this Doctor Who Time Warrior Action Figure Playset. Jon Pertwee was one of the best Doctors in the series, so it makes me unbelievably happy that his “Time Warrior” story arc is commemorated in this set complete with a Third Doctor action figure, a Sontaran Spaceship and Commander Linx (complete with removable helmet!) I know some of you guys will be disheartened at the absence of Sarah Jane Smith, and I must admit I am a little bit, too. But it’d be hard enough to fit Jon and Linx in that tiny spaceship.

In spite of my earlier threat to send my dog to the circus, I must admit I love my dog and LOVE giving him toys that require him to use his brain. Sebastian is well on his way to become the first canine astrophysicist, and I’m fairly sure this Dog Casino will help. Either that or he could begin a serious gambling addiction. The cool thing about this is that your pooch will have to figure out how to make the treats come out of the tray. It requires a lot of skill and thought, and using it will not only keep your pooch alert and able to learn new tricks; it will also keep him busy for a good while.

Now, THIS is a brilliant idea. You know how during the winter you can’t use your smartphone outside because your gloved hands cannot make anything happen on that touch-screen? Fear not!

Isotoner has made these SmarTouch Gloves with special conductive material woven into the thumb and index finger areas of these gloves, so if you get so much snow that you get lost in your front yard, you can easily use your phone to navigate you back to your front door.

I’m so excited about these gloves, I may have to order a pair today.

If the geekiest in gadgetry isn’t enough to entice you, keep in mind GeekAlerts also has TONS of deals to arm you with before you get out and start shopping. You can find Dell coupons, Best Buy coupons and coupons and promo codes for TONS of other online retailers. So, head on over to GeekAlerts and get your geek on!

Geekstravaganza: Gameboy dresses, Amy Pond cutouts, Darwin playsets and more!

Halloween is not that far away, so you’d better start generating those ideas for costumes. Why not pass up “Sexy barmaid” and “Sexy superhero” for “Sexy Gameboy?”

This is perfect for your Halloween party, upcoming gaming *con, your annual Red Hat Society Ice Cream Social… name an event, this dress is perfect.

But please notify anyone who sees you in this dress that 1) there’s nothing on the screen, and 2) the buttons aren’t for pushing.

This is just one of the awesome items of Geekery and gadgetry you’ll find over at Geekalerts.

Specializing in reviews of fun stuff and Gadgets, Geekalerts also has promotion codes to help you save money so you can keep it to buy cool stuff. Stuff like this Doctor Who Amy Pond cutout.

If you don’t have a date for your cousin’s wedding next month, fear not! Here’s Amy Pond! Look! There she is, minutes after The Doctor found her and was all “OMG, I’m sorry for being sooooooooooo late.”

She’s life size, so all you have to do is have her at your side and laugh nervously whenever anyone offers her punch or asks her where she’s from.

This would also be great for practicing what you’ve learned in those ventriloquism classes you took at the community center a couple of months ago.

Geekalerts has lots of different deals, including Apple Store promo codes so you can save on your electronics, and Orbitz promotion codes so you can save on your travel. I don’t know why you’d want to take a trip anywhere without this:

The Evolving Darwin Playset.  You can see the progression from fish-man to Genius in a matter of seconds!

Great for the kids, and they get along with your other action figures.

Have a great time!

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