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These are a few of my favorite fireworks #happy4thofjuly

Independence Day! It’s been 235 years since our founding fathers freed themselves from the reign of England. We celebrate this turning point in history by eating saturated fats and blowin’ up a bunch of stuff in the yard.

There are two types of participants in American fireworks displays: There are the participants who like to go to some giant park or amphitheater to watch the fire department set off sparks in a contained environment. Then there are folks like me, who prefer to put our lives on the line to light spinners, parachutes and enough artillery shells to blow up a minefield.

This is my sixth year in a row to participate in home fireworks displays, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from the tent. But first,

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only. Consumer fireworks are can cause injury or death if not used in a safe, controlled environment, and must be handled with care and common sense. I do not advocate the use of fireworks by persons under age 18. Observe and obey your local fireworks ordinances before purchasing and/or using consumer fireworks.


“Pagoda” means “Hindu or Buddhist place of worship.” It starts off as a tiny, little-known house. Light it up and it spins and eventually becomes a Megatemple that undoubtedly has a jumbotron inside. Take that, Joel Osteen!


Now, these guys seem to go by a different name every year, but usually any parachute that has an image of soldiers on it gets you an army of adorable little parachutes that release several times. What a great way to honor the soldiers who fight for our freedom.


Oh, this is a favorite – a colorful spinner that hypnotizes you with its rapid motion. For some reason, every time I see the Fiery Eye I want to give all my money to China afterwards. Hmmm…


This is another one of those that comes in various names. It lights up like the NBC peacock. Beautiful, loud and majestic. FREEDOM!

I’m so stoked. In a few short hours, the detonation will begin. Have a happy and safe Independence Day, everyone!

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