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Eight months and many pounds ago: A weight loss story

If you’re in a weight loss strategy, It’s often good to remind yourself of how far you’ve come along.

Bellesouth Weight Loss

The photo on the left is of my very first event as a Rogers, Arkansas dogsitter for Solgave Animal Solutions. Sebastian and I are at the Solgave Project’s September 2013 Pack Walk. The photo on the right is of me at Dog Days on the Square during the Bentonville Farmers’ Market earlier this month.

Since May 2013, I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to help me lose weight. In this year, I have lost 50 pounds. I have somewhat seen the changes, but when looking in a mirror it’s so easy to see what needs improvement overshadowing what has improved.

If you’re starting a weight loss program, I have one tip: Let someone take a full-body shot of you once in a while.

I did. Here’s me and Sebastian at a Pack Walk at the trail at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in January 2014. I walked six miles that day, and still managed to give in to my smartphone addiction:


And here I am at the February 2014 Pack Walk. It’s at this lovely Park in Fayetteville; it will come to me.


Most of March and April is mostly a blur, since my caregiving duties took front and center. But I did manage to take this bathroom selfie in April.


Aaand here I am a couple of weeks ago before the SoFabCon cocktail reception at Crystal Bridges. I whipped this one out earlier this week, and I am not afraid to do it again!

Modcloth - You Are Cherry Welcome Dress

So, there I am. September to May. Do you see that thing over there? That thing to the side of my body? That is a WAIST, y’all. A melon-farmin’ WAIST. Scroll up and look at that first picture. I know I’m sitting down, but you can tell there is no way I have a waist there.

The lesson here: Don’t be afraid of the camera.

Trust me, a friend will tag you on Facebook, you’ll forget that photo was ever taken, and then that friend will message you eight months later and say “Hey, check out this old photo of you.” And then you’ll say “Oh, gawd, that was me last month?! WTF! Oh wait – I threw that shirt away/my dog had more hair last month/the weather was different” or something of the like. And then you’ll start looking through all the photos of you over the past eight months and just stare at yourself in a healthy awe.

That’s exactly what happened to me this evening.

I get asked, “How did you do it?” all the time. Well, it’s simple. What I do is not GF or low-carb or Paleo or any other trend: I eat what I want, I count my calories (with the help of the MyFitnessPal app), and I lose weight.


Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

I will admit that in recent weeks, I’ve had some ups and downs. Like tonight, I totally chowed down at On The Border. Tomorrow we’re grilling. I think if you don’t allow yourselves days to splurge, you’re going to eventually have one big binge that will last a very long time and be very hard to take off.

But as long as I have friends and photos to continue to motivate me, I think I am on the right path. I hope I am, at least. I really don’t want all this sweaty walking to be for naught.

I also still want to fit in my awesome Drakey Kong tee from Busted Tees:


So, there you have it – weight loss anthology. Let’s hope I can do another one in eight months or less!

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