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Review: WEXY bags: cute and biodegradable food storage bags!


Recently I had a gathering with my core group of girlfriends from college. We decided to take a photo of ourselves with our kids. We’ve known each other for – wow – 17 years – and most of us are married, have kids (or in my case, have a dog).

I’m so glad that my friends are teaching their kids about being kind to the earth, and one product I’ve found has been great for all of them.

Introducing WEXY Bags. They’re BPA-free, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable, and also decorated with adorable little monsters so your kids have something fun to pack in their lunch – and not worry about throwing them in the trash.

WEXY bags were invented by two moms – one with a child with various food allegies and another with concerns about healthy eating and being environmentally friendly.

These are great bags, and they aren’t just for kids, but I’ll get to that later.

At our recent gathering, I offered some WEXY bags for my friends to try out for themselves. Immediately you notice that the bags come in four different varieties of cute monsters that have different personalities.  (You can read about the monsters here.)

These bags are perfect for fitting a kid-sized sandwich or snack. My friend Stephanie, the mother of two adorable fraternal twins, said “They are just the right size for our little ones!”

Check out what Christy, a new mom as of last year, said: ” I do like the BPA free and biodegradable part. I feel pretty bad about how much plastic/paper towel products we are using these days, so anything to lessen the guilt of my enviromental footprint is a good thing.”

My other frien

ds, Sarah and Kelly, are about to celebrate their son Abe’s birthday in one year. They are big gardeners and are going to test out the bags for Abe and to see if they turn into compost!
Meanwhile, I’ve found a great use for these bags. I make guitar picks out of old gift cards using a pick punch I got a few weeks ago to review. One of my brothers is a high-school band director and leads a jazz band ensemble, so I can collect the cards, make the picks and store them in a WEXY bag until they’re ready to mail! The bags are light so the postage is cheap!ey turn into compost!


Also, even I as a dog owner can make use out of WEXY bags. Since they’re biodegradable, if I’ve got my dog at the dog park, he makes a mess and there are no bags around, I can use my WEXY bag as a quick way to clean up his business.

WEXY bags are currently available in very limited retail locations, but you can purchase them on Amazon and If you’d like to see them in your store, contact store management and see if you can get these on the shelves!

I’m so proud of my friends and the wonderful, bright and loved kids they’re raising. Teaching them the importance of being good to the earth and being respectful of kids with food allergies is definitely part of it.

I was provided with product for this review. All opinions are my own unless attributed otherwise.

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