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Wii update – Does this blogger look any different to you?

Here’s me on June 24, 2010. I’d been doing exercises on the Wii Fit for about three weeks, as part of a weight loss regimen I’ve been on since February that added exercise to a diet of high-fiber and low-fat foods.

I was about to head out to a party and I was feeling pretty dang good because I had bought a brand-new shirt and was ready to visit some friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

Fast-forward to last weekend – August 7, to be exact.

That’s when this photo was taken. Now, I’m not sure exactly how much weight loss occurred between these two photos (although I’m sure I could just go look at the Wii Fit and find out), but the point is that since February of this year I’ve lost more than 25 pounds. The Wii Fit has made a huge difference in that, helping me monitor my exercise, my balance and other things.

Now I know these are just headshots and to be honest, I’m just too dang nervous to show off my whole bod to the Internets. I get enough flack for being a Certified Fat Chick as it is, I don’t need anyone else up in my grill. All I know is I’m working at it and I like what I see so far.

I’m continuing to work mostly with the tennis, because I really am obsessed with achieving Pro status. At the same time I’m kind of getting bored with all the games I have on the Wii so I’m thinking of getting a new game to work out with. Maybe Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution. I’ve heard of the Jillian Michaels Boot Camp for the Wii Fit but frankly, I really can’t stand her. I wish Richard Simmons would come out with something for the Wii. It’d be a hit! All he’d have to do is sell it on an infomercial and badda-bing, badda-boom, badda-Sweatin’-To-The-Wiidies.

So there you have it. Me – more than 25 pounds lighter. Already dealing with an overflowing closet and already deciding whether or not to keep the fat clothes. I’ve decided to keep a few of the fat clothes just in case and maybe donate the leftovers. I’m very, very happy!

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